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Kitesurf Odyssey 2017 Original Soundtrack

Is finally here! The first official original soundtrack release of the World Record 2017 KiteSurf Odyssey documentary, reporting the ocean trip liaison from the Azores to Portugal Mainland. A major achievement and an extraordinary adventure by the kitesurfers Francisco Lufinha and Anke Brandt

This music is about emotion, human sacrifice and achievement, portrayed with a hybrid score, with orchestral instruments, piano, and electronic music. I've tried to avoid the cliché "epic music", with almost no use of big percussion,  essentially trying to find new textures and an identity to all the score.  

The documentary debuts today at Cinema São Jorge, Lisbon, and will be shortly available worldwide, I'll be releasing more news about that later. 

The trailer (not featuring my music!): 

Please buy if you would like to support the artist :)

Thank you!