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Composing & Orchestrating for Video Games...


I’ve recently finished the “Interactive Scoring for Games” course from Berklee, and I’ve made a lot of music for it.

One of the challenges was to create two themes for a game and then orchestrate these themes to be used in an interactive context. I thought it would be interesting to show these “raw” themes and the orchestrated counterpart, so you could observe how important is the arrangement and orchestration process to transform a song/track.


The themes were inspired from the Playstation 4 game “The Last Guardian” (amazing original score, please check it out at Spotify).

The Last Guardian, Sony ps4


Theme A is for the children protagonist, here’s the piano sketch:


Theme B is for Trico, the “beast”, piano sketch:


Now, the orchestrated versions!


Theme A “the Children”:

Theme B “Trico the beast”:


I’ve tried to orchestrate in a very “Japanese” fashion way, inspired by the works of Joe Hisaishi (he worked in all the Myasaki animation films from Gibli and Takeshi Kitano films). It’s a “mélange” of classic orchestral writing but with some jazz harmony in it, to simplify.


What do you think of it?


Thank you for listening, see you soon with more goodies :)