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Music doesn't always make the cut...!

Here's some music that didn't make the cut for the final project. It's something that usually happens a lot when composing for media!

 Because things we consider "good music" doesn't always mean is the best music to serve the director idea. The job, for the media composer, is to serve this idea and vision in the best musical way possible, despite the attachment we have for our own music.

Sometimes is hard to let go, but it's always the best choice, knowing that the job is all about serving the movie and make it work. It's about storytelling, not about music itself! 

Here's the final project, with music that (finally!) made the cut :) 

Video created by HumanEyes in the context of the Dear India Exposition , with wonderful paintings by Carolina Piteira and the photographer Roberto Zampino. If you're in Lisbon, check it out live before the 3rd of July 2018!

Thank you for your time, see you soon!

VIDEO CREDITS: Directed by Guilherme Melo Ribeiro / Camera & Edit by Guilherme Melo Ribeiro / Sound Design by Catarina Paulo / Music and Sound Mixing by Aurélien Vieira Lino/ Written by Luisa Fidalgo / Production by THE FLYING MAN